My Trip to Milan & Lake Como

My recent trip to Milan was the foundation for this site. It inspired me to build a chronicle that encompasses Travel, Style and Food. A city that infuses all three so beautifully.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the fine Italian architecture that sprawls out along the streets, the tantalizingly good food, beautiful fashion and all the welcoming faces between. Over the course of a long (and much needed) weekend, my friend and I filled our trip with as many Milanese things as we could. On our first day in Milan we made a visit to Castle Sforza, originally built in the 15th century by the Duke of Milan, it now houses one of the cities largest collections of italian artwork. We climbed to the top of the enthralling and gothic Duomo di Milano, a grand church that took over six decades to construct. The view from the roof of the Duomo was stunning, Milan laid bare from one of the highest points in the city, breathtaking! That evening, we indulged in our first Italian meal, a creamy quattro formaggi and pumpkin risotto, perched on an adorable rooftop restaurant overlooking the cobblestone streets below.

We followed up on our delight first day by spending the next shopping in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele and eating gelato at Cioccolatitaliani, sweet ice cream topped with a sticky whip of meringue. I can’t express my love of italian food enough, from the freshly baked pastries at Pave Cafe to the porcini giganti tortelloni in the Galleria, every meal tasted so fresh, and flavourful, it was hard to resist ordering seconds!

Between our weekend we traveled to Lake Como, and the small town of Bellagio. Como and Bellagio are a wonder to see. The streets are strewn with beautiful boutique stores, and small family owned restaurants bursting with authentic food.

As we sat in a small cafe by the lakes edge, drinking espresso (and enjoying, yet more, Gelato), we watched the lake ripple gently in the summer breeze, the emerald land around it reflected like a mirror on the surface of the water, the sun beaming down upon us, a warm spring day, neither of us felt a single care in the world in that moment, and it was extremely hard to pull away from that peace. Serenity surrounding us.

One of our favourite areas in Milan was the lively Navigli district, a stretch along the canal in downtown Milan filled with restaurants, bars, and clubs. A huge selection of fusion food places and boutique stores filled with handcrafted italian goods lining the streets here. It’s easy to get drawn in to the atmosphere here, especially as the sun sets and reflects a spectrum of colours along the water of the canal. We spent our last evening here, watching the hustle of the crowd, and sampling black rice sushi from a popular Japanese restaurant.


The city is a wonder to behold, filled with delightfully authentic restaurants, designer stores and a mix of cultures reminiscent of London. The financial hub of Italy, Milan offers a beautiful look into the world of Italian culture. In Montenapoleone, a mecca of fashion, the winding roads are bursting with designer names, calling out for your wallets. The nooks and alleys connecting the streets are draped with blossoming flowers and luxurious artwork. All these wonderful traits and more inspired me to bring together a site that I could utilize as a living journal and guide to the world around me.

What to include in your trip:

  • Duomo Di Milano
  • Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
  • Sforza Castello
  • Acro della Pace
  • Navigli District
  • Montenapoleone
  • Maio Restaurant, La Rinascente
  • Pave Cafe
  • Cioccolati Italiani
  • Lake Como Tour
  • Bellagio Town

Finally, a big thank you to George at ILSVIP for putting this wonderful holiday together, please visit, if you want to indulge in your own Italian getaway.

Contact George on +447812854091 or for more info! 

The journey continues…

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