My Trip to Berlin

A year ago I visited Berlin, and I instantaneously felt at home.

I travelled through Berlin on an incredibly rainy weekend. I remember my friend and I running from our hotel to a nearby shop and paying 24 euros for a rainbow coloured umbrella. The exchange summarising the trip neatly. The shop clerk rang up the brolly and laughed as we made a dash through the rain. Berlin reminded me of home.


There’s a hustle to the city that is reminiscent of the way London moves. A lot of people travel and never feel accustom to their surroundings, but I found Berlin to be more inviting than most European cities I’ve visited. The city blocks are filled with skyscrapers, but tucked in between these towers is where you’ll find it’s hidden European guise. A metro station and two office blocks guard the entrance to the Dali Museum, situated in a small walkway between the two. A subtle European placement, off the cuff and out the way, it’s not a garish tourist trap but a home for the enchanting art within. Small hideaways mirror the winding roads of central London, packed with culture, contrasted by reality. Berlin is a cultural mecca, steeped with history of a deeply political world, against a highly modernised facade.

I was excited to visit Charlottenburg Palace, I’m a sucker for royalty and unnecessarily grande homes, and upon arriving in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf I discovered that my long awaited palace visit was going to have to wait, as it was covered in scaffolding.

Nightlife in Berlin is one of it’s biggest draws, boasting some of the most exhilarating clubs a party animal could want. Unfortunately for Berlin, I am the anti-thesis of a club kid, and found myself avoiding the neon lit warehouses like the plague. My alternative, is a quiet bar, either on a rooftop or lower ground. Extremes either end, which I found perfectly in Monkey Bar, and Bar Saint Jean. Comfortable atmospheres, friendly faces and ridiculously strong drinks, even by Europe’s standards.

Together my friend and I soaked up as much of Berlins history in one weekend as we could, we hit 6 museums, every famous monument and took a stroll across the East Side Gallery where I found my favourite piece of ‘art’.

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For me the highlight of our trip was our food, in particular having a full blown bavarian breakfast in the dome of the Reichstag (heads up, my favourite part of any trip featured on this blog will always be food). It was so good in fact that instead of ordering a single set menu each, we ordered 3. We managed to find a delightful little stall selling Wurst on one of our walks across town, and if eating sausage on the streets of a foreign country doesn’t scream “I’m Home” then I don’t know what does. Toppping the trip off was our stop at Princess Cheesecake, where the staff were as attractive as the cakes.

I can’t wait to revisit this city!

The Journey Continues….

What to include in your trip:

  • The Reichstag Dome
  • East Side Gallery
  • Naturkundemuseum
  • Charlottenburg Palace
  • Monkey Bar
  • Bar Saint Jean
  • Princess Cheesecake
  • House of Small Wonder

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