Saturday in London | Aubaine

This weekend my friend and I ventured out into central London to try out an acclaimed breakfast spot.

Aubaine in Selfridges is touted as a ‘Must Have’ breakfast. It’s situated at the end of the lavish ‘Shoe Gallery’ in Selfridges, tucked away and only to be found by those who make it through the mirrored maze.


As we settled in, excitedly for a traditional french breakfast, we were told that we’d missed the breakfast window by about 20 minutes and would have to order lunch. Not a great start to our weekend. As we craved eggs, we decided we’d go elsewhere but to at least have a coffee and cake, and make the most of the beautiful decor inside. Draped in beautiful lilac flowers and classically Parisian furniture, the restaurant exudes an aesthetic that can only be described as “Adorable”.

I’ve been a fiend for carrot cake my whole life, I think it’s the single greatest cake ever created and I’ve been hunting my whole life for the perfect slice. The current contender  to beat was found during my trip to Berlin, where I visited Princess Cheesecake and had an incredibly moist and flavourful slice. Upon seeing Carrot cake as an option here I snapped it up and was not disappointed.


Following our missed opportunity breakfast we walked through town and came across a beautiful courtyard that screamed of traditional London architecture. Clean and angular. Strapped into my new favourite coat, we braved the rain and found the perfect spot for a quick shoot.

This outfit:

  • Raincoat by Hymn (available at
  • Jeans by Levi’s (510’s)
  • Cap by Levi’s (Pride collection)
  • Tee by Levi’s (Yes, I really like Levi’s)
  • Trainers by Ellesse

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