Saturday in London Part II | Primrose Hill

Saturday has become my go-to blogging day, after a long week at work, all I want to do is have a day of indulgence. My previous post Saturday in London | Aubaine turned out to be quite popular and I think this will become a series of posts I work on showcasing London alongside my travel/recipe content for you all.

You can never be bored in London, the city is alive at all hours of the day and filled with exciting things to do. If anyone ever said to me they’re bored I would rattle off a endless list of things to do…over verbally assault them, but the former seems more likely. London is incredibly diverse, and this diversity is reflected all around us, it’s impossible to find an area of London identical to an other and I think that adds so many unique qualities to this city.

This Saturday I visited Primrose Hill with fellow blogger Katielovess for a tradition that we’ve started referring to as #BloggersDayOut. Basically, we scour instagram for cute breakfast places to visit, devour 6-12 eggs and then go take pictures of ourselves. It’s completely self-indulgent and can’t imagine a better way to start a weekend.

We dined at Greenberry Cafe and discussed our recent trips abroad (check out My Trip To Valencia) over perfectly scrambled eggs and dark roast coffee. 


Primrose Hill is known for it’s beauty, the houses here are designed beautifully and painted in delightful pastel shades that keep Spring in mind all year round. The park here is also famous for it’s view of London. Rising above the streets below, it offers a glimpse at the busier side of town from above. The perfectly green park clasped along the edge of the mirrored city. Square Mile can be seen in all its financial glory, along with the newly iconic landmarks, The Shard and The Walkie Talkie. Fair warning you need to climb the steepest hill to reach the viewing platform at the peak of the park but it’s completely worth it!


As we ended up in a part of town that is filled with type of architecture that merges modern structure with retro aesthetics, I wanted to harken back to the 70s with my outfit. Contrast the pastels with warm textured pieces reminiscent of the old family photos I find at home.

These sunglasses are bigger than my hopes and dream, and this jacket looks like I skinned a cat. Pure 70’s.

If you happen to be in London on a sunny day, visit Primrose Hill for a side of this city that’s a little brighter and a little more colourful than the more reserved and concrete city.

This outfit:

  • Sunglasses – ASOS
  • Jacket – Topman Design
  • Tee – Levi’s
  • Jeans – Levi’s (back at it again with the Levis looks)
  • Satchel – A gift from an italian leather store in Italy.

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