Saturday in London Part III | Hampstead

Hampstead is cute.

A little too cute if you ask me, and if you take a stroll down Hampstead high street one day, you’ll know what I mean. Boutique stores, antique street fairs, colourful vines of leaves ensnaring the walls, it’s f*cking adorable! There’s something almost Parisian about it all. Could it be because the best crepes in London can be found in a stall propped up against the local gay pub? Maybe. Could it be the homeless man playing an accordion outside the bakery? Also maybe. Regardless of what it is, there’s a very strong European influence in the area that merges effortless with classic British architecture.

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La Creperie De Hampstead has become a bit of a makeshift landmark in North London, everyone knows it’s long standing history of being the little hut by the pub that makes the best crepes around. It offers a simple menu of sweet and savoury crepes, but simple shouldn’t be taken as a negative, with over three decades of residence here the menu has become so refined that only the most popular and flavourful combinations remain. A parisian classic, the ‘Galette Complete’ is my personal favourite and is worth the journey alone!

The surrounding streets are also nothing shy of a replications of a Gustave Caillebotte painting, the streets are lined with boutique stores selling trinkets, clothing, art and produce from local farmers and bakers. There is a sense of serenity to the lamp lit streets, especially around dusk when the glow from inside the coffee shops and pubs begin illuminating the streets. Leaves of various shades of gold strewn across the pavement, you can’t help but feel an ease on these streets.

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With Autumn in full swing, it’s time to start wrapping up and layering outfits, this is where my wardrobe finally comes to life. I hate dressing in the summer, I have no style in the heat, I just wear whatever makes me sweat less. But Autumn, when Britain is kind enough to give us it, makes my wardrobe flourish. Rich woolen jumpers, and chequered coats become my shell in the milder months.


I’ve been waiting all year to wear this jacket again, I bought this jacket from a vintage store in southern California two years ago and it has become my go to interim jacket when London starts getting chilly. I’ve paired it with a caramel jumper by SelectHomme and with a white tee underneath for a small peak of clean layering. Jeans are ‘Cigarette’ fit from Allsaints, and my shoes are leopard print creepers also from Allsaints. I completely forgot I even owned these shoes until I started clearing out my collection and found them pristine in their box, creeper shoes are a great way to add a bit of edge to a look, they’re attractive without being gaudy and comfortable as hell! Most of my wardrobe remains chocked full of Allsaints pieces from when I used to work there…and from when I rummage their sale for everything I can’t afford at full price.

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