The State of Mind

There’s a quote by Audrey Hepburn that I think summarize being an introvert perfectly.

“I don’t want to be alone, I want to be left alone”.

An almost contradictory statement that describes the vast state of mind, that introverts deal with.

The need to be left alone to refuel, rejuvenate and renew our mind can be a difficult thing to explain, not only to others but to ourselves. 

How do you describe the need to distance yourself from the world but still connect with those around you? How do you find the time to fix the faults in your mind, when the fault is your mind?

It’s a strange, and twisted dynamic that pulls you to and fro in every direction. So how did Audrey Hepburn deal with it? 

One of Hollywood’s greatest actresses, was very vocal about being an introvert, she famously told the world that she wished she could spend Saturday night til Monday morning alone in her apartment, to refuel. The simplicity of it meaning almost nothing but profoundly everything to her psyche. Audrey discovered a way to deal with this state of mind by doing what came naturally to her. Finding the beauty in it. 

I’m an introvert… I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky.

By taking control of this exhausted state, by applying the beauty of the natural world to it, Audrey was capable of creating a space for herself that restored her. If a person who’s life was being captured on film and camera almost everyday has the ability to shut it all out, shouldn’t we be capable of doing the same? Of finding our own oasis in our minds. A space, or a time just for ourselves to say ‘hey, I feel a little broken right now and I need to mend, can I sit in here and take a sec?’. We all spend so much time caught up in a world that’s far more crowded and socially exhausting than it needs to be, and we forget that each and every one of us, regardless of being an introvert or not is capable of creating this.

I have my own, it’s the hour or two I close my bedroom door and open my sketchbook. I’m by no means the next renowned artist of the world but I enjoy my craft, I give it my all and in return it gives me clarity. My space to renew is physical, it’s the feel of lead in my hands, of lines strewn across of Bristol board. I see the clouds in my mind being pulled out through the pencil and transformed into art. 

Everyone has their space or time, and if you don’t then what’s stopping you from creating it? This moment, or thing, or place that is just for you. 

What is it? Where is it?

All you have to do, is think.