Simple Christmas Party Outfits

With Christmas in full swing, we’re edging closer to that part of the season where everyone and their grandmothers have been invited to some kind of Christmas party. Office, Family or Friends, there’s always something going on that requires us to dress up and show up. It could be something quaint like an evening out with your partner, a pint at the pub with mates, or maybe at a corporation Christmas party you’re obligated to show face at. Regardless of the company, you need an outfit, and you need to look good!

If you’re like me, and are single and work in a office with a whopping two employees, then it’s not much of an issue and your day to day attire transitions comfortably. However that doesn’t stop me from scouring the Christmas sales for an outfit or a Christmas gift to myself (surprise: I bought myself a 23 inch statue of Supergirl, I’m gonna love it!).

The other night my brother text me for some advice on what he should wear to his office Christmas party, he said he wanted to dress a little different, so naturally I suggested Chinese slippers and pilgrim hat, but that never seems to go down too well. I suggested breaking out of his comfort zone with the type of styles he usually avoids. Skinny jeans, printed shirts and chelsea boots, I was then swiftly reminded that I had just described my own style and again, not a great response.

So I thought to myself, how does someone dress appropriately to a Christmas party whilst still adding a little more style and flair than their regular day to day clothing?

Play off a theme.

Fashion has taken inspiration from every possible corner of the earth and it’s inventions to create beautiful, exciting, scary, happy, provocative and artful pieces of clothing. I’m not saying you should look at the darkest recesses of an abyss to style yourself for a pint at the pub (but if that’s you, I wholly support that), no, I mean you take a simple theme that has run through fashion for generations and you apply it to your wardrobe for a night.

So what can we easily put together from common pieces you can find in most high street stores for your night of mulled cider, mince pies and Susan* from finance trying to hit the high note of every Mariah Carey Christmas song…

*Please note – I am Susan.


Sports Casual:

Fashion is as fast paced an industry as sport is, and has borrowed generously over the years from uniforms to shape collections, and in return sport has embraced fashion. From tennis players in their coordinated white outfits to football players applying accessories to their kit.

One of the most classic pieces of fashion sportswear is the Cricket Jumper. A sharp V neck designed to be slightly oversized and extra comfy. Pair this knit with a dark selvage denim and smart trainers to pull together a comfortable and sporty look for any casual occasion. Need a smarter twist to your look? A slim fit patterned shirt from any good tailoring shop will help sharpen up your outfit in a jiffy.


Hat/Jumper – Topman | Shirt – Hawes & Curtis | Jeans – Allsaints | Shoes – Massimo Dutti

Modern Denim:

In the past few years Denim has been redefined in a major way, with high street stores featuring it in more than just jeans. A huge revival in denim shirts, jackets and even shoes swept through stores and reintroduced the durability and structure of the fabric into modern day fashion.

A mixture of old and new is a classic way to update your look, a denim shirt craddled by a warm, lambswool grandfather cardigan and skinny jeans, modernises the look by utilising youthful aesthetics. To really push the outfit forward, a printed creeper shoe exaggerates your proportions and draws attention to the outfit as a whole.

Cardigan/Jeans/Shirt/Shoes – Allsaints

City Urbanite:

Square Mile, situated in the heart of London thrives on it’s combination of work and play, with it’s tailored and smart fashion sense. Bankers, lawyers and office workers show off their best in Business dress and fashion has taken it’s roots in upscale work attire all over the city.

Easily applied to the modern day work scene, a thick knit polo neck jumper, with a pair of tailored trousers exudes a confidence in coordination. Simple and effective, yet elevated with a pair of printed, stylish loafers that compliment the array of gray on display.  


Jumper – Reiss | Trousers – Topman Design | Loafers – Ted Baker | Watch – Asos

I’d love to hear about your Christmas party outfit plans, let me know in the comments below if you decide to theme your look for the night!

Happy drinking!


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