Saturday in London Part V | Ours

One thing I love about London, is how no two areas are the same. In this urban jungle I call home, no postcode mirrors the next. You can cross a couple of streets in London and discover a whole new frame of homes, shops and people. It’s this diversity that makes London the powerhouse of culture that it is! A hub for every corner of the world to unite and strengthen.

South Kensington and Knightsbridge have always been associated with the flashier things, the streets are lined with designer stores and upscale restaurants, and it naturally comes to a lot of peoples minds when considering where to out for a special occasion.

For my friends 25th birthday we ventured out for a meal at Restaurant Ours, made famous for its aesthetic, and rich flavourful menu.

The walkway in itself, before you’ve even entered the restaurant, has become a bit of an icon in it’s own right. Achingly clean white walls that stretch from the entrance to the reception are lit by moody under floor lighting, and are propped up against hardened black arches creating a beautiful contrast to the interiors of the restaurant. A perfect place to show off your “goingoutfit”.


Jacket – Topman
Shirt – Hawes & Curtis
Trousers – Allsaints
Boots – Allsaints
Scarf – Zara

The lounge is decorated with flowers, and board games. It’s menu listed the finest cocktails concoctions I’ve had the pleasure of tasting. I ordered a classic Peach Bellini and was not disappointed!

And since it was a night of celebrations, we got to indulge in a delicious meal of grilled octopus, truffle oil fries, black truffle tagliatelle and cinnamon donuts. Ours is a fantastic restaurant for a special occasion, we were greeted by smiles and treated like kings, and every now and again, a simple north London boy like me enjoy feeling fancier than he should.

Restaurant Ours is a wonderful choice for a special occasion, it caters for all kinds of diets and never ceases with its grandeur!