Saturday In London Part VI | Park Room Afternoon Tea

Being a Brit means your love for tea is incomparable to anything else. It’s a way of life, nothing short of essential in our daily operation, and from time to time we like to treat ourselves to a fancier tea, a tea that comes with sandwiches and scones so perfectly crafted we banish the though of ever having a cuppa without them again…until about 3 hours later when you’re home and the evening has a little nip in the air and you break out the PG Tips, but that’s besides the point, I’m talking about a tradition dating back to the 1800s. Yes, Afternoon Tea has become the new normal for us Brits, a celebratory event that’s been reinvented countless times, but nothing beats a classically presented High Tea, like the one I had the pleasure of dining with at The Park Room.


A delightful candyfloss and apricot concoction with a glass of champagne to start our Afternoon tea at the Park Room, it was strange but I could’ve had about 15 of them.

Freshly brewed tea accompanied our tower of sandwiches, scones and desserts, we opted for a classic English Breakfast Tea and a Yellow Rose blend which is exclusive to the Park Room, it was a wonderfully refreshing tea that complimented the array of sandwiches and scones on offer.


I’m a sucker for Blackcurrant and couldn’t resist the offer of blackcurrant jam and clotted cream for my scones!

A great twist on the traditional dessert offering for our Afternoon Tea was the Royal Wedding themed desserts handcrafted by the Grosvenor Hotel bakery team. These included a three tier chocolate wedding ring, and crown meringue and a red ‘ginger’ chocolate mousse. The big green ball was LA theme and was filled with a kale cream and honestly it was awful so we’re going to skip over that, but I would highly recommend the delicious Ginger truffle that was on offer!

I’ve experienced plenty of Afternoon Teas here in London, one featured in my Staycation is a personal favourite, but the Park Room blew them all out of the water for me, everything was so perfect that bar the singular LA themed dessert I couldn’t fault it in anyway, the venue is stunning, the service by staff was impeccable and I ate about 6 of that open Salmon sandwiches they were so irresistible. It’s such a wonderful way to spend a day out in London, especially when you follow through with a walk down the iconic Park Lane for a quick photoshoot.


And if that’s not enticing enough, the Park Room even offer you a choice of three cakes to take home, as the Royal Wedding approached, I opted for the Victoria Sponge and held my own mini Afternoon Tea whilst watching the wedding.


Don’t miss out on the wonderful Royal Wedding Afternoon Tea at the Park Room!


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