25? No Thank You.

The unthinkable happened, I let myself turn 25. I’m officially mid-20s and there’s no denying my ‘Adult’ status. I let Adulthood sneak up on me like some roman assassin. 25 daggers in my back and room for more. Okay enough self-pity, I had a fantastic week of events that I celebrated my birth with and it’s easily been one of the most enjoyable to boot.

Luckily my birthday week always falls on the week of the last May Bank Holiday, which means I get Monday off and work less. Dreamy! My birthday usually falls on a Friday too so by taking a day off I can clock in two three day weekends and a lot less job stress! Dreamier! I kicked off my birthday week with a sushi dinner at one of my I local haunts called Ai Sushi. I take a DEEP advantage of their All You Can Eat Sushi menu and watch as the tables around me gasp as I order more.


Most of you know that I love the theatre, and being in London I’m lucky to see a lot of shows throughout the year, so when I heard one of my favourite musicals was in town I snapped up tickets to see Chicago immediately. On my 16th birthday I got to see the last London revival of Chicago and loved it! It was one of the first shows I’d ever seen on the theatre and it blew me away, so my anticipation for the latest incarnation of the classic musical was sky high and it did not disappoint! Sarah Soetart is by far one of the best Roxie’s I have ever seen, she nailed Roxie’s aloof attitude and pining for stardom, and by the time the infamous “Roxie Hart” number took to stage she had stolen the show!

I indulged in an Athenian dinner at Suvlaki that night too which was surprisingly good, being Greek cypriot I’m always wary of going out for dinner to Greek restaurants because I’m so use to a certain level of quality and flavour at home, but Suvlaki in Soho was a real treat.


Roll on to my birthday, June 1st. 25. I share this day with the one and only Marilyn Monroe and what an honour to be among such esteemed company. I hope I did her proud because I looked cute as hell all day! And that day included lunch with my Niece, my perfect little turtle, and a dinner with a group of my closest friends at Temper. Try the Lamb Shoulder! Seriously.

But the highlight of my weekend was the party I had planned, and this wasn’t just a simple birthday party for my closest friends and family, no no, I am far too extra for something that simple. Over the years I’ve had small house parties to celebrate my birthday, and every year I attached a theme to the party. Previous themes included:

18th – Fiesta
19th – Country Western
21st – Casino
22nd – 90s

I hadn’t thrown one of my themed parties in a while and I took advantage of the milestone year to bring it back with a theme near and dear to my heart…Magnum PI.


Leis, Hawaiian shirts and floral prints for us all! And with this being an Andrew Demetriou party at it’s finest, it would be incomplete if I didn’t cook a big Greek barbeque accompanied by a specially crafted Cocktail menu.


I love playing host and being as extra as I can possibly be, the playlist was filled with early naughties old school jams and I topped off the night with favour boxes filled with Kinder Eggs and various chocolates. Pina Coladas took the night by storm and we even had a full blown photoshoot to commemorate the night. I couldn’t have been happier to spend my birthday surrounded by these amazing people.

Here’s hoping 25 is good one!