Saturday in London Part VII | The Barbary

Who wants delicious Israeli food at a reasonable price? You do, that’s who!

It’s been a busy post birthday week and by busy I mean me stressing over the fact that I am now in my Mid-20s and have not accomplished anything I has intended to do by this age, it’s a very Millennial problem. But enough about my own distress, we’re here to talk about one of my new favourite restaurants in London, The Barbary, so let’s get into the meat of this.


Quite literally, this post features good quality meat, provided by The Barbary in Covent Garden. The Barbary is a very small and intimate restaurant located in Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden. It’s tucked away in a neat little alley, inconspicuously hidden along a wall painted black. The restaurant is but a single bar lined with stools with a small team of chefs cooking everything in plain sight just inches away from you.

This restaurant has been on my ‘Try’ list for a while and I’m glad I finally got to tick it off.

Our starters came in fast, Moroccan Cigars made of fresh cod and mixed spices wrapped in a filo pastry and fried, and served with a light dipping sauce. Incredible, nothing short of. Along this was the creamiest Baba Ghanoush I have ever had, it was being sopped up all night with freshly baked and oiled Naan bread.

I also ordered a plate of seasoned Asparagus and Greek yogurt which counteracted the other spice heavy starters well. The team here know how to fuse their flavours.

The highlight for me, the main dishes, which included Octopus Mashawsha, spicy Pinocho Pork skewers and Poussin. It’s difficult to find good quality Octopus in London, a lot of restaurants do not know how to grill Octopus right but The Barbary nailed it.

I’m a huge Octopus fan and I was eager to see what The Barnary was serving and I kid you not it was one of the most mouthwatering Octopus tentacles I’ve ever eaten. Charred grilled just enough to make the suckers crunch a little but tender enough for your knife to slide through like butter. The pork was delightful as well, it sits somewhere between a traditional Greek kebab and a pork gyro, the meat is heavily spiced and compliments the bed of marinated tomatoes it sits on. The Poussin, gamey as it may be, was also surprisingly well light, the breast fillet we were served tasted very soft and was seasoned with a peppery skin.

With the first two courses of the meal going down so well I couldn’t resist dessert and it was definitely worth it. Hashcake and cream, a classic oatmeal cookie based cake dusted with icing sugar.

I doubt I can compliment this restaurant enough, it was so authentically flavoured and everything was prepared quickly and efficiently by the team there. I’m still salivating over the Octopus.


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