Saturday in London Part IX | In Comes Company

I was in the same room as Patti Lupone the other day. 

That’s it. That’s the whole post. 

I tease, I know all three of you are here to hear about my weekend and what I have to offer you in the 9th edition of Saturday In London, AND LET ME TELL YOU! It’s not much! For someone who claims to hate going out, I’m constantly out doing uneventful things, but this weekend I did better things! jazzier things! Hip things, that hip people do to be hip…I’m getting on, I have to stay current, anyway here’s Saturday!

Come rain or shine, my body gravitates to a brekkie on a Saturday morning. It’s practically an illness at this point, I’m thinking of starting a Breakfasts Anonymous group for people addicted to eggs and the bread that comes with them. Venue of choice for this hit was Granger and Co, Kings Cross.

My friend and I were greedy and ordered 3 plates, Granger and Co isn’t cheap but the quality of the food definitely makes it worth the price, the eggs are deliciously creamy and the pancakes are a must here! Super light and full of flavour!

Following our hit of eggs we then spent the day out in Shoreditch, we visited the Pump Street Bakery pop up just a stones throw from Shoreditch High Street station and snagged some delicious freshly powdered hot chocolate! And what would a trip out with a friend be without some cute pics of us! By which I mean me and yet another new jacket. 

I’m a bit of a sucker for a non traditional jacket, I love prints and uncommon fabrics and I spotted this fringed brushed suede jacket in Topman a few weeks back and fell in love with it! The risk of rain in London is far too high to wear this out and not be riddled with fear but I lucked out on this weekend and stayed bone dry!

My evening however was an even bigger treat, a night with Patti Lupone at the London revival of Stephen Sondheim’s iconic musical, Company. I snagged a stalls seat and watch what is arguably the best production I’ve ever seen in the West End. Marianne Elliott directs this legendary musical comedy with some much care and attention to detail I felt like I was a part of Bobbie’s life. Jonathan Bailey is an absolute stand out as the genderbent Jaime, and Patti Lupone is worth the price of admission alone. Ladies Who Lunch is one of my favourite show tunes ever and seeing it performed on stage by a legend no less was a moment I’ll treasure.